Cards with Paper Castings, Embossing and Textures

Paper casting is achieved by pressing paper pulp into specialized molds.  When dry, the handcast cotton paper takes on the shape of the mold. 

It is a time intensive and messy process, so I will have the finished castings made so that you create a greeting card.

These beautiful castings can be mounted on greeting cards as is, or colored with chalks, inks, or water color paints.

Embossing and Textures

Create beautiful cards with Cuttlebug background textures, die cuts, and embossing plates.   Give your cards a  special, elegant look.  It's quick, easy and fun!

Cards with Stamping and Photos

Anyone can stamp!  Discover a new creative you!

Stamp, then embellish with ribbon, brads, beads, and buttons to create unique and one-of-a-kind cards.

If you love nature....choose photos from my collection to create  greeting cards  with delicately embossed frames. 

Mount pictures on colored mats to accent your photo card.  Leave blank or stamp inside to give it your personal touch!

Special Art Projects Magic Boxes - Calendars

Create a unique and fun "Magic Box" for a special person in your life. 

Magic Boxes are great gifts for moms, dads, grandparents, relatives, and friends!  And the best part is filling them with candy

I provide the chocolate and you create a beautiful box filled with delight!

More boxes...

This box is full of surprises!  Take off the lid and the sides unfold with best wishes and greetings.  Flip through to read the special messages or personalize with photos of family and friends.  Makes a great gift for bridal showers, birthdays, and holidays!

Calendar Gift

Create a Calendar  using devorative papers, embellishments, and a recycled CD case.  I provide all the materials and ideas.  

Ring in the new year with a unique gift!

Enjoy Friends: Creativi-Tea Art Parties

creativi-tea:  n.  the ability to be more creative while drinking tea

Bring friends together!   Share tea, be inspired, and discover your artistic side!  Laugh, learn, and find joy in spending time with family and friends!

For groups of 6 people or more, you choose the time and place* and Creative-Lee Yours will come to you!  To enhance your creative experience, tea and scones or dessert will be elegantly served for your enjoyment.

For your art party you have a choice of any "Create and Take" class offered (greeting cards, magic boxes, or gift bags/tags.)
Creativi-Tea Art Party Prices - $30.00 per person

Host Benefits- If you plan a Creativi-Tea Art Party with six or more guests the "Creativi-Tea" Art Party is free for the hostess!  

What's Needed:
I will bring all the materials, supplies, and ideas... as well as the teapots, teacups, plates, linen napkins, lace table cloth, tea and scones (or dessert.) 

You please provide tables and chairs to seat your group.  Also, needed are a small table or counter for the embossing machine and a table for the tea ware and baked goods.

*Additional travel cost (outside the Spokane, Mead, or Spokane Valley area) varies depending on distance and size of your group.